#40: no act too small

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In this issue:

🎙 The art of building in public

💼 There's nothing wrong with a traditional career

🧑‍🏫 The joys of being an absolute beginner

💭 6 fundamental concepts of systems thinking

🎙 The art of building in public

I recently had Karthik Puvvada (KP) on the podcast. A no-code maker and a big advocate of the building in public mentality, KP has recently joined the team at On Deck where he leads the no-code fellowship.

And once you learn that people don't judge you as much as you think that they do. And also people don't have that much memory and free time to constantly judge you, you are freed from the paranoia of what will they think of me.

And then you start to become more liberal and creative in sharing, and thinking about, if I share this, will this help one person.

That's how I view it, always thinking about would with me sharing a lesson about a project, would this help one maker who may be waking up today and be like, whoa, I learned something new. That's it.


💼 There's nothing wrong with a traditional career

The issue isn’t how you earn your income, but what you do with it.

If you hate your job, you should change it. But, if you enjoy what you do and it happens to be a nine-to-five, who cares?

Not everyone has the same desire or even skills to start a business. Yet, so many in the entrepreneurship community see it as the only path to building wealth.

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🧑‍🏫 The joys of being an absolute beginner

If humans seem to crave novelty, and novelty helps us learn, one thing that learning does is equip us with how to better handle future novelty.

More than any other animal, we human beings depend on our ability to learn. Our large brain and powerful learning abilities evolved, to deal with change.

We’re always flipping between small moments of incompetence and mastery.

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💭 6 fundamental concepts of systems thinking

  • Interconnectedness: everything is reliant upon something else for survival

  • Synthesis: the ability to see interconnectedness

  • Emergence: the natural outcome of things coming together

  • Feedback loops: reinforcing or balancing

  • Causality: understand the way things influence each other in a system

  • Systems mapping: identify and map the elements within a system

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