#42: school vs. life

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In this issue:

🎙 Being a minimalist entrepreneur

🤓 Success at school vs. success in life

🎧 How to find focus

✍️ Writing tips from Warren Buffett

🎙 Being a minimalist entrepreneur

On this episode, we dove into what it means to be be a minimalist entrepreneur. We also touched on communities and Nate's brand-new design course for non-designers.

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🤓 Success at school vs. success in life

Few of us are in love with the A grades themselves – we want them because we’re understandably interested in one day having a fulfilling career, a pleasant house and the respect of others.

But, sometimes something confusing occurs: we come across people who triumphed at school – but flunked at life.

And vice versa.

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🎧 How to find focus

I have fewer things on my todo list, which means I get to spend more time on the few things that I’ve said yes to.

I also have a stronger sense of my values – what’s important to me, and what’s less important.

And that’s helped me leave more room in my schedule for myself.

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✍️ Writing tips from Warren Buffett

  • Pull your audience right into what you’re writing.

  • Makes it super clear early on who you're addressing.

  • Learn the rules so you can break them when you need to for your writing to stand out.

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📣 Some personal news!

This week, I joined the team at On Deck to help build and grow the learning communities of the future.

The company's mission is near and dear to my heart. And I'm very excited about the group of people I'm working with to bring it to life!

You can learn more about On Deck here.

If this mission excites you and you'd like to chat about any of the Fellowships (or career opportunities), feel free to grab a time.

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