#34: becoming your best self

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😌 Becoming your best self

📝 How to find topics to write about

🌞 The false promise of morning routines

✍️ A few thoughts on writing

💬 Not everything has to be a product

😌 Becoming your best self

In the 2nd episode of the podcast, I spoke with Nina Iordanova. She's the Cofounder and CEO of Hello Iris, a platform that provides guided meditations based on different personality types.

We covered quite a few topics from career transitions to long-lasting habits, building a company in public, and of course meditation and mindfulness.

Before I can become the person I want to be, I need to meet myself where I'm at, and acknowledge that that's where I am.

So maybe the way I want to feel is I don't even care about this thing. But the way I actually feel is, yeah, I'm super disappointed. And I was counting on it. And it makes me question my self worth. And that's where we are. And on top of that, I don't want to feel this way. And I have to just kind of accept that those two things are both true.

And so I think that was the first layer for me to being like, okay, so let me deal with these feelings. Let me accept that they're there. And also understanding that, oh, I do have a lot of fear. Actually, my assumption was that I didn't. But I actually do and where does that come from? And how can I understand that? And how can I see where it's coming from, so that I can actually deal with it and then kind of move on, instead of just pretending it's not there. When it's really 80% of what I'm thinking about or trying not to think about.

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📝 How to find topics to write about

In the Season 2 kick-off episode of It's Gotta Be The Mic, Nate and I bounced off thoughts on finding ideas and inspirations for writing, or other creative outputs for that matter.

Going forward, we're experimenting with double clicking on a specific topic in each episode, rather than covering a few at a time (more depth, less breadth). We also have a number of exciting guests lined up for the upcoming episodes.

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🌞 The false promise of morning routines

You don't need to start the day with a cold shower and an extensive yoga session to be successful!

Waking up at 3:30 to run a marathon, and then there’s the green juice and the hour-long meditation session—and for those of us who have normal lives that involve kids and commutes and things like that—you are not going to do that.

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✍️ A few thoughts on writing

So much wisdom distilled in this short article by Morgan Housel.

  • Whoever says the most stuff in the fewest words wins.

  • Most good writing is a byproduct of good reading.

  • Good ideas can’t be scheduled. They come randomly, usually after you read something that connects the dots to an unrelated thing.

  • If you have an idea but think “someone has already written that” just remember there are 1,010 published biographies of Winston Churchill.

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💬 Not everything has to be a product

A great interview with poet and visual artist Rachel Eliza Griffiths.

I create things every day but it’s not about everything having to be a product or for somebody else’s experience. I would like to believe that my inner life is a spectrum of progressive transformations and experiments, rather than overly transactional.

For me, creating and sustaining a private space where I allow myself to rest, to read, to cook, to play music, and to risk new turns of language and imagery where I have no idea how to be wrong or right, is part of the calling.

{3-min read}

And the irony is that you don’t actually serve anyone else by suppressing your true passions anyway.

More often than not, by doing your thing – as opposed to what you think you ought to be doing – you kindle a fire that helps keep the rest of us warm.

Oliver Burkeman

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