#45: relentless consistency

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🚀 Personal competitive advantage

🌱 How to have more meaningful conversations

💭 Work on what matters

🚀 Personal competitive advantage

Intellectual curiosity

Fortune favours the curious mind.

High tolerance for failure

Our greatest moments of growth often stem directly from our greatest failures.


With the rise of technology - and the instant access to millions of people and things that it has provided - the ability to be truly present has become a rarity.

When you are with someone - whether a new business contact, friend, or partner - be WITH them.

Relentless consistency

Many people are able to produce bursts of energy. Few people are able to produce consistent, steady flows of energy.

The former might be flashy, but the latter is relentless.

Take pride in punching the clock - in showing up - day in, day out.

Noise cancellation

The world is a noisy place. We are constantly hammered by stimuli competing for our attention.

The ability to cancel out the noise - to truly focus on the task at hand - is both broadly applicable and extremely powerful.

Be Yourself

No one can compete with you, at being you.

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🌱 How to have more meaningful conversations

~~ Recognize small talk as a necessary first step

~~ Ask better questions

~~ Listen to the answers

Most of us don’t listen with the intent to understand. We listen with the intent to reply.

~~ Share something about yourself

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💭 Work on what matters

Pace yourself becomes the central challenge of a sustained, successful career.

  • Dig into what a company values and ensure it aligns with your intended personal growth.

  • Keep yourself honest about how much time you’re spending on high-impact work versus low-impact work.

  • Work where there’s room and attention.

  • Grow the team around you.

  • Finish things.

    We only get value from finishing projects, and getting a project over the finish line is the magical moment it goes from risk to leverage. Time spent getting work finished is always time well spent.

{9-min read}

There is never a certainty of future rewards,

but we go for it anyway, or we keep what we’ve got.

—John Soforic

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